Business Risk Management

Welcoming Our Newest Team Member: Pat Marciano

We are excited to introduce the newest member of the Whitehorn team–Pat Marciano–our new Claims and Risk Specialist. I’ve worked with Pat for nearly the past 20 years. He …

Business Risk Management

Coronavirus Checklist For A/E’s – 7 Critical Strategies To Keep Your Design Firm Thriving During This Crisis

We are living in unprecedented times. The current crisis has created a lot of uncertainty. Virtually every business has been impacted in some way–many are …

Public Projects

Public Construction Projects: A Recipe for Disaster

During my 3 decades in the construction industry, I’ve seen many publicly funded projects get derailed. Part of the reason is that government projects use …

Business Risk Management

This Famous Sports Adage Can Be Extremely Effective For A/E’s To Avoid Risk

As a twist to Jack Dempsey’s famous quote: “The best defense is a great offense.” This is how you minimize your risk and the owner’s …

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