Business Risk Management

Coronavirus Checklist For A/E’s – 7 Critical Strategies To Keep Your Design Firm Thriving During This Crisis

We are living in unprecedented times. The current crisis has created a lot of uncertainty. Virtually every business has been impacted in some way–many are …

Public Projects

Public Construction Projects: A Recipe for Disaster

During my 3 decades in the construction industry, I’ve seen many publicly funded projects get derailed. Part of the reason is that government projects use …

Business Risk Management

This Famous Sports Adage Can Be Extremely Effective For A/E’s To Avoid Risk

As a twist to Jack Dempsey’s famous quote: “The best defense is a great offense.” This is how you minimize your risk and the owner’s …

Profit Maximization

Architects: Here’s how to consistently create beautiful, cost-effective projects

Most architects I know chose their career because they love to create beautiful designs. I really admire that mindset, and it makes them awesome at …

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