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Steve Whitehorn of Whitehorn Financial

Steve Whitehorn

Managing Principal
After graduating from Lafayette College with a degree in Business and Economics, Steve Whitehorn worked for Massachusetts Mutual for several years before joining Whitehorn Associates, a practice his father started in 1978.  He continued to grow the business under Arthur Whitethorn’s guidance until 1995 when he took over the day-to-day operations and re-branded the company Whitehorn Financial. In addition, he has published extensively in numerous Architectural publications, and has provided seminars to both clients and design associations on an array of topics, including The A/E Empowerment Program™, BIM/IPD, and other specialized Risk Management topics. Further, be on the lookout for Steve's upcomming book realeases! The books are titled: Ensuring your Firm’s Legacy | How to Create Greater Impact on Your Projects, Your Relationships, and Your Communities. and  Don’t Get Screwed {How to Solve the Unsolvable in Construction Industry}

Alane Dunbar

Director of Operations
With nearly 20 years of experience in the insurance industry (and 10+ years as Whitehorn’s Director), Alane is the strategic mind behind many of Whitehorn’s complex project structures (Steve refers to her as his “Air Traffic Controller”). She manages daily operations, coordinates professional liability claims, and ensures scheduling and communication are maintained company-wide at the highest level.

Michael Herbert

Associate Broker and Risk Manager
Mike is thrilled to bring his unique background as an Armor Officer in the US Army in the 1st Infantry Division to Whitehorn. As a graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point (with a BS in Law and Legal Studies), he now focuses on professional liability, risk management, construction, and cyber management solutions that meet clients’ present and future needs. With a passion for managing relationships and mitigating risk, along with a knack for finding adaptable solutions, Mike is excited to assist and advise A/E clients with forward-thinking strategies.

Maureen Andrews

Professional Liability Manager
Maureen brings 14 years of professional experience to Whitehorn, having started her career in the banking industry as a securities trader. She’s proud to handle professional liability renewals, applications, and quotes for Whitehorn. She also binds coverage, oversees policy billings, and provides certificates of insurance to our clients.

Pat Marciano

Claims & Risk Manager
Pat is proud to provide in-depth risk management and claim support services. With 40 years of experience (handling all lines of insurance claims), Pat focuses primarily on managing the litigation and investigation of professional liability claims against architects and engineers. His deep knowledge of the litigation process has uniquely situated Pat to provide design professionals with expertise in claim avoidance and navigating any issue that may arise in a projects lifecycle

Debbie Douglas

Administrative Assistant
Debbie provides administrative support to the Whitehorn team. With 13 years of experience across various marketing, project management, and administrative positions, Debbie prides herself on bringing well-organized systems and a positive attitude to the office at Whitehorn

Our Philosophy

There are three classes of liability insurance brokers:

The Scalper: You buy your policy, and then they’re a ghost (until the policy renewal). Like a scalper in a stadium parking lot, they’re only in it for the sale and your check..

This is the reason most A/E firms think of liability insurance just a “necessary evil.”

The next class we refer to as…

The Spectator: These brokers are a notch better. They might actually call you back, and eventually, they’ll answer the phone.

Like a spectator at a football game, they’re only watching from a distance, calling out armchair quarterback advice. But do they truly understand the “game”?

The final class is in a league of its own, and it goes by one name:


That’s not being boastful, it’s simply stating this fact: when it comes to having a liability insurance broker that’s ON THE FIELD WITH YOU, both on the offense and defense, Whitehorn Financial is the only option.

As an A/E firm, you deserve the best to help you deal with the mountain of risks, stress, and challenges you face every day.

You deserve a team player that has redefined what it means to be a liability insurance broker. You deserve to experience the lengths we go to that leaves our clients speechless and more than happy with our services. They say they wouldn’t want to go anywhere else and why would they?

Can you say the same about your current broker? We know you deserve better. I’m sure you have a few questions first, so give us a call.

We invite you to join our team.

Core Values

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