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Our services are essential to navigating the litigious landscape of the Architecture and Engineering industry. You need someone who is thinking proactively, bringing your firm customized risk management solutions and personalizing their approach to your unique insurance needs. In short, you need someone who’s on your team. Not someone on the sidelines. At Whitehorn, we think ahead for you. Let us handle the risk, so you can focus on the rewards

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Our Services

Our Services

Professional Liability Group

Have you ever heard the phrase “nothing is fair”? Well, unfortunately, that can be the case as an Architect or Engineer. Most often, we find that our clients don’t make mistakes. However, sometimes a client or contractor may make their costly problem yours.
As a recognized specialist that goes beyond a policy, Whitehorn Financial Professional Liability Group consistently provides innovative insurance solutions to address the challenges Architects and Engineers face. Our commitment is to provide sustainable pricing and superior Professional Liability products to design firms of all disciplines.
Whitehorn Financial takes a proactive approach to Loss Prevention and Risk Management. We deliver unique tools such as The Contract Barometer™ and The Zero Deductible Solution™ that are exclusive to our practice and provide value to your firm. We continually bring a measure of security to a market often characterized by opportunistic underwriting and suspect claims handling. With 30+ years of experience, specialized expertise, and close relationships with insurance carriers, we ensure comprehensive coverage at competitive pricing.

Practice and Risk Management Group

 Whitehorn Financials’ Practice & Risk Management Group consistently draws upon 30+ years of experience. As a result, we can dramatically reduce potential risk exposures by identifying concerns before they become a problem. Many clients view Whitehorn Financial as their Risk Management Department. We work with you to provide valuable education as well as proactive awareness of the potential exposures to risk of a situation.
Effective Risk Management is the cornerstone of best practices, and critical to a firm’s profitability. A well-designed insurance and risk management program allows our clients to focus on the pursuit of their vision while remaining unhindered by thoughts of potential loss. The Whitehorn Financial Team is committed to developing long-term relationships that include the added-value perspective to the A/E practice. We apply our our services’ unique tools, such as the Contract Barometer™ and the Zero Deductible Solution™, to create greater value for you, our most valued asset.

Risk Free Construction Solution

Corruption, inflated costs, and timeline blowouts are so rife in the construction industry that they have come to be seen as the norm. We call this “20/20 Vision”.
The Risk Free Construction Solution was created to reverse this trend and solve the “unsolvable problem” in the construction industry. Our six-step approach dramatically reduces unpredictable setbacks and asserts greater contractor accountability, holding the contractor accountable so they deliver at a higher standard.

Stop hemorrhaging cash during Construction. Come check our Risk Free Construction site for detailed information.

A/E Empowerment Program ®

The A/E Empowerment Program® is the blueprint to visualize, achieve, and celebrate your personal and business goals, now and for future generations.
This five-step process provides practice and risk management solutions to minimize risk, increase profitability, and speed up cash flow. At Whitehorn Financial, we consistently leverage our experience and wisdom to deliver creative solutions that ensure our clients achieve a bigger, more profitable, and enjoyable future.

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