AIA Approved Workshops

The Profitability & Risk Schematic™

I. Understanding and Managing Risk for Design Professionals Workshops

General risk management program

Be in a position to negotiate from strength

This workshop provides clarity about the risks associated with providing professional design services.  It identifies the context of your firm’s legal liability and puts you in a position to negotiate from strength.

II. Critical Factors of Contract Administration – Practice with Confidence™

“The entity that controls the flow of information – controls the process.”

Confidence through every phase of construction

The key to consistently delivering successful projects is having an acute awareness of your responsibilities and exercising your role with confidence.  This workshop addresses the various roles under Traditional Project Delivery and provides effective strategies to improve your firm’s confidence, profitability, and effectiveness throughout the construction phase.

  • Practice with Confidence™ (Tools Provided)

III. Controlling the Sub-consultant Relationship: Insurance & Other Considerations

Minimizing exposure by controlling the sub consultant relationship

Imagine an $80 Million fire but only $55 Million of insurance − all caused by a sub-consultant error!  When you hire sub-consultants, you immediately face the most overlooked risk management challenges.  Let us show you how to control this relationship and minimize your exposure.

  • Tools Provided
IV. Don’t Let Green Design Cause Red Ink

Avoid common pitfalls that arise from sustainable projects

Protect your firm from unwarranted red ink in an increasingly green energy world

Everyone wants more energy-efficient buildings, but at what risk to your firm?  This program identifies the underlying dangers associated with sustainable design and provides insight into how to protect your firm from unwarranted red ink.

V. Professional Liability Insurance: Understanding what it is and how it works

Understand professional liability and how it intersects with professional contracts.

How insurance intersects with professional contracts

This seminar reviews the professional liability insurance policy, what it is, and how it works.  Learn how your firm’s professional liability program intersects with professional contracts and provides insight into how to leverage your risk management program.

VI. Decoding the Insurance Myth: What is it?  What does it Cover? How does it work?

Understand your firm’s insurance program

De-mystify contracts and insurance so you see how the pieces fit

Every contract requires insurance, but what does it do, and how does it work?  This workshop de-mystifies your firm’s insurance program so you can easily understand how it all fits together.

VII. Contracts Part I: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

It is always best to have a signed contract, but it could give you a false sense of security.

True security with stakeholders, contacts, and the construction process

This workshop discusses contracts in an easy-to-understand format.  It also provides an overview of the AIA Documents to address the importance of contract integration between stakeholders and learn how contracts fit into the construction process.

  • Tools Provided

VIII. Contracts Part II: The Terrible Ten Contract Provisions

Watch out for these common provisions that can dramatically raise your exposure.
The Terrible Ten Riskiest Common Language and Contract Faux Pas

Words can seem harmless, but when it comes to contracts, they can have significant implications.  This program identifies common language that could put you and your firm at risk.

IX. Client/Project Selection – Making the Go/No-Go Strategy Work for You

How to avoid toxic clients, improve profitability and attract the work you want

Have you ever had a bad client?  If so, you know what it is like to work for the wrong people and possibly the wrong projects.  This workshop provides a strategy for assessing clients and projects on a consistent basis.  The more you use this tool, the more success it will create.  Try it!

  • Go/No-Go Strategy –  (Tools Provided)

X. Success Factors for a Winning Practice Workshops

Learn to implement the best practices of high-performing firms      

Improve profitability, speed up cash flow, and get more work.  This workshop identifies critical areas that most affect the business components of a professional practice. 

XI. The Blueprint to Greater Significance™

Envisioning and planning for the future you want

“People don’t fail to plan; they plan to fail.” Visualize your future and let us show you how to put this into action!!”

XII. The Relationship Advantage™ – Part I

Learn how to manage and engage relationships.  Maximize your competitive edge!

Solid business relationships are not born; they are bred.  Coincidently, 70 – 80% of projects are from repeat clients.  Why?  Because strong relationships are composed of three key factors: trust, confidence, and chemistry.

This series of workshops address the fundamental strategies behind engaging and solidifying relationships.  Learn to create an environment where you don’t need one piece of business to be successful.

  •  The Relationship Advantage™ – (Tools Provided)    
The Relationship Advantage ™ – Part II (Networking Made Easy)

Creating a legacy doesn’t happen overnight. Accelerate your progress to successes greater than you thought imaginable. The simple formula?

    1. Plant the right seeds
    2. Weed out the losers
    3. Nurture the winners

Hear this unconventional strategy to help you build a truly profitable blue-ribbon firm that is the best in the industry.

XIII. Empowerment by Design™

Transition your firm from a practice to a business

Do you feel overworked, overwhelmed, and overloaded?  Is your business model built on hard work or leveraging best practices?  Get out from under the avalanche of everyday “stuff,” get back to doing what you are passionate about and transition your firm from chaos to simplicity.

  • Empowerment by Design™ –  (Tools Provided)

XIV. The Project Setup™

Design is a team sport

This program advises improving internal communication at the outset of projects so all project members are on the same page.  Learn to address sub-consultant expectations to deliver successful projects more consistently.

  • The Project Setup™ – (Tools Provided)

XV. Cash Flow – The Top of the Pile Strategy™ Series

Cash flow as a process, not a one-time event.

Having difficulty getting paid?  This series of workshops coaches Project Managers on how to initiate and maintain the essential ongoing dialogue with clients regarding payment.  Speed up your firm’s cash flow today!

  •  The Top of the Pile Strategy™ – (Tools Provided)

XVI. So, you think you want to be a Principal?!

Learn the keys to effective leadership and if this role is right for you

This seminar provides an overview of the fundamental role Principals need to play to maintain a firm’s significance in the marketplace.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Firm Financials 101
  • Project Selection
  • Business Development
  • Human Resources
  • Project Management
  • Communication

XVII. Ownership/Leadership Transition Planning

Develop your firm’s strategy for transferring ownership from one generation to the next

Part I

Now that you have identified the future leadership of your firm, have you considered the various strategies for getting your money?  This discovery conversation assesses your unique situation and helps you develop the right financial model to transition your firm to new ownership. Further, this includes an in-depth conversation about executing the leadership transition between generations.

Part II

Effectively execute your transition plan.

If you have structured your transition plan, you may have recognized that the next generation seems rather “managerial,” as opposed to “entrepreneurial.” The transition document is just that – a document. Hear how to put your plan into action to elevate the next generation to true leadership status.

XVIII. The Commoditization Trap

If price is your only point of differentiation—you’re most probably in the trap. Let us show you how to solve this crisis!

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