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Whitehorn Financial Group

The Tri-State areas most trusted Advisor since 1995. Providing Professional Liability Insurance Practice and Risk Management Solutions.
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Who We Are

We are a recognized leader in the Architecture and Engineering Communities that provides Practice and Risk Management Solutions that minimize risk, increase profitability and speed up cash flow.

Professional Liability

Provides consistently innovative insurance solutions to address the challenges faced by Architects and Engineers.

Risk Management

After years of experience, we can dramatically reduce potential exposures by identifying concerns before they become a problem.

A/E Empowerment

Our five step process that provides practice and risk management solutions to minimize risk, increase profitability, and speed up cash flow.

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What is The Risk Free Construction Solution?

Corruption, inflated costs and timeline blowouts are so rife in the construction industry that they have come to be as the norm. We call this “20/20 Vision”.

The Risk Free Construction was created to reverse this trend and solve the “unsolvable problem” in the construction industry.

Our six-step approach dramatically reduces unpredictable setbacks and asserts greater contractor accountability, holding the contractor accountable so they deliver at a higher standard.

Whitehorn Finacial Group's Risk-Free Construction Solution

To know more, visit Risk Free Construction Solution™ Website


Who we work with

Contact us today to see how we can help your business minimize risk, increase profitability and speed up cash flow.

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