Business Risk Management

Arbitration or Jury Trial–Which is the better choice for A/E’s?

One big question my clients ask me often : “When I sign a contract, is it better to choose arbitration or jury trial, in the …

Risk Management

Two Easy Ways For Architects And Engineers To Minimize Risk On Projects

Today I want to share two amazing lessons, based on actual stories involving real architects and engineers. (Sadly, one of these is about a firm …

Risk Management

The Philadelphia Salvation Army Tragedy: Three Easy Ways Architects Can Avoid Liability

This may sound shocking, but as an architect, you can be held legally liable for injuries and damages at a construction project, even if you …

Cash Flow

5 easy ways architects can increase their profits

Running an architecture firm—large or small—is full of challenges. Employee retention, new business development, and keeping current with technologies are just a few of the …

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