What Our Clients Are Saying

“Thank you so much for the excellent presentation you gave our group today. I have been getting great feedback all afternoon about your excellent presentation style and how you made such a dry subject interesting and engaging.  Everyone enjoyed your talk and we are looking forward to hearing more.  Thanks again!”
Deborah Johnson, CFO
Kitchen & Associates
Governor’s Excellence in Housing & Economic Development Award
“Whitehorn trained our staff to think beyond traditional definitions of a project team by thinking more broadly and considering a wider range of concerns – such as addressing integrated project delivery and design/build – that may be important to certain clients.  Since working with Whitehorn, BCJ has become more effective in communicating with its clients and successfully managing those relationships.”
William D. Loose, principal
Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
2013 Architectural Record Good Design is Good Business Lifetime Achievement Architecture Award
“Whitehorn Financial has been instrumental in empowering our staff to apply even greater innovation to their designs, allowing them to significantly reduce risk and increase their control over liability concerns.”
Shelly Noga, business manager
2010 Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award for Architecture
“I want to thank you for all you have done with our firm. It has definitely translated into more work.”
John D.S. Hatch, AIA, LEED AP
Clarke Caton Hintz
2010 AIA NJ Firm of the Year
“I have sat through many seminars over the years. However, The A/E Empowerment Program® is the first and only program that provided us with practical advice across many different areas of our practice. It identified the low hanging fruit, as well as long term strategies, and put us into action. I highly recommend the program!!”
George Hibbs, AIA
Clarke Caton Hintz
2010 AIA NJ Firm of the Year
“For the first time in this business, someone has tapped into what it’s really all about – relationships. The Relationship Advantage™ tool showed me how to connect with my clients on a deeper level, which left my competition in the dust. I have used this tool twice so far and won both jobs. I never would have gotten them without The Relationship Advantage™. What a difference! Thanks Steve!”
Mark Alan Hewitt, FAIA
“I went to see a client in the hopes of helping them put together an RFP. Thanks to The Relationship Advantage™, and to my surprise, the client decided to forgo the RFP Process, and instead asked us to start the $3.5 million project as soon as we could. Thanks!!”
David Lopes, March, BEng, BEDS
North 46 Architecture
“The A/E Empowerment Program® has provided greater clarity for our people. We feel like we’re all focused on the company’s future direction.”
Ken Karle AIA, PE, President
LAN Associates, Inc.
“I stopped by to see one of our clients. I thought it was going to be the typical two minute conversation. However, The Relationship Advantage™ turned my fly-by, into a twenty-five minute conversation about all kinds of things. You’re definitely right – this is a Relationship Business! Thanks.”
Charles O’Donnell lll, Senior Vice President
Geoge, Miles & Buhr
“In my experience Whitehorn Financial has been insanely responsive to our requests for contract and document review. We count on them to guide us in these matters, and know their advice is well targeted and practical. Whitehorn Financial always do what they say they are going to do!”
Ken Karle AIA, PE, President
LAN Associates, Inc.
“Steve Whitehorn possesses a passion in a field that typically displays little of that rare quality. He is passionate about defending and supporting the professions of architecture and engineering. Steve’s passion is infectious and is a great asset to our profession.”
David Scheuermann
Sheward Partnership, LLC.
“The staff at Whitehorn Financial are always friendly, professional, and extremely responsive.”
Tina Collins
McIntyre, Capron & Associates
“I came here just for the AIA credits, and what you had to say was really inspiring!! Thanks.”
AIA/RIBA Seminar
New York City
“Steve Whitehorn understands the business of architecture and continually supports the profession with Whitehorn Financials informative roundtable discussions. Steve takes personal interest in our firm and knows how we think and work. He offers a perspective that is much wider than liability risk management which has been invaluable.”
Dan McCoubrey
Venturi, Scott Brown & Associates, Inc.