Practice and Risk Management Group

We provide perspective. That’s what we do. We will never tell you how to practice, but we will create a level of awareness that will help you anticipate the potential risks of a particular situation.

Whitehorn Financial’s Practice & Risk Management Group consistently draws upon years of experience. As a result, we can dramatically reduce potential exposures by identifying concerns before they become a problem. Many clients view Whitehorn Financial as their Risk Management Department.

Effective Risk Management is the cornerstone of best practices, and critical to firm profitability. A well-designed insurance and risk management program allows our clients to focus on the pursuit of their vision, while remaining unhindered by thoughts of potential loss. The Whitehorn Financial Team is committed to developing long-term relationships that include the added-value perspective to the A/E practice. We apply our unique tools such as the Contract Barometer™ and the Zero Deductible Solution™, to name a few, to create greater value to you, our most valued asset.