Professional Liability Insurance Tools


The Contract Barometer™ - Reading contracts is typically not a labor of love. Whitehorn Financial finds that most firms would rather be designing than trying to understand the subtleties of contract language. That’s why we created The Contract Barometer™. This exclusive tool provides clients with a quick snapshot as to whether or not the contract creates unwarranted risk or exposure. The Contract Barometer™ provides significant peace of mind without significant effort.

The Sustainable Advantage™ - Underwriting uncertainty directly translates to higher insurance costs. Whitehorn takes away this uncertainty through the use of The Sustainable Advantage™, a Whitehorn tool that educates insurance underwriters on a client’s appropriate application of sustainable design. From educating to managing client expectations, The Sustainable Advantage™ directly translates to premium savings.

The Zero Deductible Solution™ - Most firms hate paying deductibles! Why shouldn’t they? Therefore, Whitehorn created The Zero Deductible Solution™ for bodily injury claims, a process which reduces or eliminates your deductible obligation in its entirety. Our process has proven to be enormously successful, without incurring additional cost!