The A/E Empowerment Program®

iStock_000016815340XLargeWhitehorn Financial Group, Inc.’s A/E Empowerment Program® is a three-step process that helps clients create a more significant legacy and empower them to achieve greater impact on their projects, relationships, and communities.

The Cause and Effect Conversation™ – Identifies your perception of the greatest dangers currently facing your A/E firm and creates the foundation of our working relationship.  Evaluates practice and risk management issues, business development, cashflow, and business continuity concerns.

The Foundation for Significance™ – Defines your firm’s challenges, opportunities, and strengths.  Creates an action plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be tomorrow.  Prioritizes and implements your action plan to generate measurable results.

The Platinum Advantage™ – Whitehorn Financial Group Inc.’s ongoing support and commitment to your firm’s continued growth and success.  Includes contract reviews, claims/coverage analysis and advice, certificates of insurance, and more.