This quarter’s newsletter focuses on The Relationship Advantage™, which is a component of The A/E Empowerment Program™.

This is a relationship business; there is no way around it! Yet, firms spend much of their time and energy pursuing projects where there is little chance of a successful result. Few firms have assessed their success rate throughout the RFP process.

We have found that the only way to successfully land an RFP is to develop some type of connection with the owner. A remote connection is better than no connection at all! The best way to find work is through a relationship. In fact, we typically see that 70-80 percent of all work comes from repeat clients.

A relationship dramatically improves your chances of success. It will also improve your profitability and cash flow, and will provide you with the opportunity to promote the value of what you do. Let us show you how to engage and manage your relationships more effectively through The Relationship Advantage™.

The A/E Empowerment Program™, created by Whitehorn Financial Group, Inc., is a five-step process, which provides practice and risk management solutions that minimize risk, increase profitability, and speed up cash flow. The Relationship Advantage™ is one of “The Empowerment’s” core strategies. This process provides the blueprint to help you secure a greater percentage of your clients’ work. Let us show you how to put The Relationship Advantage™ to work for you.


Steve Whitehorn is the author of the upcoming book, Ensuring Your Firm’s Legacy, and Managing Principal of Whitehorn Financial Group, Inc., and is the creator of The A/E Empowerment Program®, a three-step process that helps firms create a more significant legacy and empowers them to achieve greater impact on their projects, relationships, and communities.