This quarter’s newsletter focuses on Whitehorn Financial Group, Inc.’s launching of The A/E Empowerment Program™.

What is The A/E Empowerment Program™?

The A/E Empowerment Program™ provides practice and risk management solutions that minimize risk, increase profitability and speed up cash flow. We know that Design Professionals measure success in many different ways. That’s why our Program is tailored to meet your specific needs and addresses the most important challenges facing your firm. The Program’s tools and strategies reconnect you to your practice’s financial and creative goals, and help lay the foundation to create a bigger and more rewarding future for your firm.

What does The A/E Empowerment Program offer Design Professionals?

Over the past 20 years it has become increasingly apparent that Design Professionals are facing greater pressure from outside the industry. Our Program facilitates taking greater control of your decision-making power, and helps you stand out from others. The Program’s 5-Step process empowers firms to capture more growth opportunities within their markets, while providing solutions to minimize risk.

How can the A/E Empowerment Program help your firm’s next generation?

Most Design Professionals face the same challenge-finding an exit strategy. The A/E Empowerment Program provides the next generation with the tools to generate funding for your departure by leveraging past successes into more profitable projects.

Why did you start The A/E Empowerment Program?

Whitehorn Financial Group, Inc. has been working with Design Professionals for over two decades and the continued downward pressure on the profession concerns us. As a Design Professional, you are esteemed for your perspective and advice. Yet, in exchange for this advice, the marketplace imposes greater liability for your services, while paying you a fraction of their value. The A/E Empowerment Program fills a void in the marketplace by addressing these troubling trends, and gives you solutions to run your firm more successfully.

What do you provide through the A/E Empowerment Program that other consultants do not?

This is a relationship business. We understand this and know that working for “good” clients is one of your key goals. However, creating great partnerships is sometimes easier said than done. Too often, fees and commoditization get in the way, pushing the quality of those partnerships down the list. Unlike other consultants who focus solely on the efficiencies of a Design Professional’s business, we take a bigger picture approach. We can help with those efficiencies, but we also show you how to capitalize on past successes to uncover even greater opportunities.

What are The A/E Empowerment Program goals?

The A/E Empowerment Program’s primary goal is to positively influence your firm’s success by leveraging its strengths. We help you create even stronger, more rewarding relationships with your project partners and clients. This Program is unique because it is customized to meet your needs. We look at what defines success for you and your firm, and apply our 5-step process to making those goals a reality. There is no substitution for working on projects of your choice, and dealing with people you like, all while enjoying the benefits of a successful career. Whitehorn Financial Group, Inc. and The A/E Empowerment Program make this possible for you-it’s what we do best.


Steve Whitehorn is the author of the upcoming book, Ensuring Your Firm’s Legacy, and Managing Principal of Whitehorn Financial Group, Inc., and is the creator of The A/E Empowerment Program®, a three-step process that helps firms create a more significant legacy and empowers them to achieve greater impact on their projects, relationships, and communities.